KECC were away at undefeated Adel tonight (11/5/16), trying to extend their own 100% record. Both sides were shorn of several exam marooned players, but a terrifically competitive match took place. KECC lost Ewan to injury a couple of hours before kick off and so the mighty 10 had to front up.

KECC batted and Sam with Jack (on debut) opened with a good stand on a sluggish, low pitch and sticky outfield. It was not easy to score all night. Jack got out to a good ball, but Sam marched on with good support from Dan and Seth. Sam was on a roll and smashed a clean, straight six into the whitewashed wall at long on. He eventually nicked off for 73.

Seth and Will scrambled some more important runs at the death and KECC finished on a score of 114. That seemed about par on the sticky ground.

Adel’s reply was stunted by a great first ball wicket from Dan, but then they got motoring with the next pair starting to take the game away. Jack, bowling at a sharp pace, got the important next wicket, digging in a short one. It got big on the in-form Adel batter and Sandy caught a tricky, looping skier. It was all back on again, but the remaining Adel opener was still batting well and turning the game, despite wickets starting to fall at the other end. The pivotal moment was when Jack pinned the opener in front and the Adel umpire, to his credit, gave him out. Jack ended up with 4 wickets in a terrific debut.

There was still work to be done as, despite wickets falling, runs were being scored. KECC were a bit untidy in the field, but it was getting really dark making it tough for both sides. Harry organised well and fought hard and the spirit was great. Calm heads in the field, particularly from Freddie, Bobby and Nathan, stopped numerous runs.

Crunch time came with Adel needing 25 from the last 3 overs to win.

Responsibility fell on Nathan, Sandy and Bobby to bowl the last 3 and all stepped up and bowled really well. The atmosphere was terrific as the pressure grew.

Bobby bowled a good and gutsy 5 balls in the last over and it all came down to Adel needing a 4 to draw or 6 (or 5) to win off the last ball. Bobby jammed in a yorker that was scuffed for a single and KECC had won.

Credit to Adel for a great game and some good, funny and mutual banter. We look forward to the return match at the FOD in late June when exams will be a distant memory.

P3 W3. Marching on…