Use of club WhatsApp groups

The use of WhatsApp groups to support the organisation and running of Kirkstall Educational Cricket Club is invaluable. They enable us to communicate between members, with news about the club, requests for help, availability for selection and organisational arrangements.

They also allow conversations to take place between club members which can bolster a sense of togetherness, ownership and belonging in the club.

When used properly, these groups are a huge asset to the club.

Unfortunately, like all forms of social media, when used incorrectly, the power of this medium to do harm is huge. There can be a fine line between ‘banter’ and ‘bullying’ and throw away comments which might go unnoticed in a conversation at the club, for example, can remain on the record in perpetuity and can have a huge impact on other people in the club, whether intentional or not.

Following a couple of recent incidents where insults and / or derogatory comments have been made on the WhatsApp group, the committee would like to remind all members of the group (those who have paid the club membership fees and those who haven’t!) of their responsibilities towards the club and their fellow members of the club.

The club does not wish to see any further comments made on these forums which openly criticise or abuse either the club as a whole, or more importantly, particular individuals within the club. Please will all members of these groups please actively employ a “think before you text” attitude when contributing to the group conversations. If in doubt, do not make that comment.

If you have a problem with how the club is being run or would like to raise an issue about a particular individual or individuals within the club, then please raise these offline with a member of the club committee and they will be dealt with appropriately.

It is highly likely that there will be a good reason for why a particular thing has happened in the way it has happened or why things are or are not possible at the club, so you may find that a proper conversation with the relevant people will enable you to understand the club position much better. Having said that, if things can be done in a better way, the committee is always very keen to hear suggestions from club members and will work with you to find solutions to any problems.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all members to pay their outstanding club membership fees as soon as possible and to consider how they may be able volunteer some of their time and/or expertise to help the club run as smoothly as possible and to enable us to provide the environment, facilities and opportunities that all club members would like to see at our club.

The Committee
July 2019