Today was a gorgeous day and one which I had to make the most of before being sat in a box for 6 hours but it was made all the more pleasant by our win. My first match report of a win and it’s so much nicer to write – funnily enough!

We won the toss and chose to field first. Jamie Hinchcliffe and Tom Garman started things off nicely. We got an early wicket, in the third over, to dismiss Andy Ward (snr) for 10. One person we didn’t manage to make a breakthrough with until he’d scored too many runs, 99, was stalwart Dodman. He’s never an easy wicket to get. After he was dropped on 21, much to my dismay, Liam Mulligan made the breakthrough with a caught and bowled to send him back to the club house without his 100. Jamie, Liam and Steve Watkins got our 4 deserved wickets.

There were a few dropped catches this afternoon but the batters never truly made use of that and punished us. Having said that, we did field well, I thought, today, lots of good stops, and I do enjoy it when we just dive around all over the field, obviously a technical analysis! We couldn’t bowl them out, however, which is fast becoming a feature of our bowling.

A highlight for me was seeing Mark Deighton bowl an over. I know it was done tactically but it rendered me a little speechless having seen him bowl before!! His over was a little costly, not massively horrific, and certainly didn’t warrant a collapse to the floor as he did after his last ball. I later found out he’d pulled his side and he let me know it hurt him – A LOT.

We went into tea in a good position, as Knaresborough ended up 206 for 4.

No dream team opening this week, instead we had Ed Thirlwell and Rob Caddy. They started out positively and it always makes me breathe a sigh of relief when Ed surpasses the dreaded 7, which he did today by a long way! Rob was our only victim, getting caught by Baines for 14. We were on 50 at that point, Ed was on 23, and it still could have gone either way. Three balls into the Ed/Sam Dobson partnership there was a 7, courtesy of overthrows, and it set the tone for the rest of the innings. Sam immediately made his presence known. He caught up and passed Ed to get to 50 first (45 balls, 51 minutes). He didn’t hang around and our score shot up; their 50 partnership was off 49 balls and made in 33 minutes.

Ed’s 50 took a little longer; it was off 97 balls and in 130 minutes but their batting was lovely, despite a dropped catch off Sam’s batting. They went on undeterred and Sam reached his 100 in 69 balls and 81 minutes. We surpassed our target getting 210 runs; Ed finished on 69* and Sam finished on 106*, well batted by both of them to take us back to our winning ways.

Props have to go to the tan/more like burn on Tom/Tim (I will never let the Lorna thing slide!) Mileham after today’s match. Same goes for Liam who ended up looking like a ‘match’ today as well (not my metaphor I may add but it was a little true!). I won’t lie, I’m jealous of it really!