Where do I start? Should I build up to the tension until we get to what was a nail biting finish?
No…we lost.
We lost by 2 wickets on the 49.2nd ball despite some amazing heroics by MVP Steve Watkins, who had bowled a double wicket maiden and a wicket maiden in his previous 2 overs.
We lost… BUT… that’s not to say there weren’t lessons learned:
1. We have a good solid opening pair in Rob Caddy and Ed Thirlwell (thank God the beard is returning) developing. They put on 65 runs together before Ed was out LBW for 32 off 67 balls. Cads stuck around to see both Paul Bennett (0) and Sam Dobson (13) bowled out before being caught for 56 off 117 balls.
2. We need to wear leg pads that fit properly – Ed!
3. Our middle order ( 4- 8) averaged 11.25, if we can increase this to closer to 20 we’ll be quite formidable.
4. Our growing injury list requires its own travelling pharmacy!
5. Numbers 9. 10 and 11 do actually need to bat sometimes. Jamie Hinchcliffe came in looking purposeful and keen to drive the innings on in the last 3 overs but was bowled for 4 off 5 balls. Steve ‘MVP’ Watkins was 1* off 7 balls and Mark Hodgson thwacked an enormous 6 to get 8* off 7 balls in the final couple of overs.
6. Piggy is a great opening bowler who deserved better stats than 0 for 27 off 12. It should have been at least 4 for 27, as we dropped the opening pair approximately 8 times( I ran out of space to record!). I’d ask those that dropped a catch to put up their hands but I’m not sure that would do any good..!
7. Even when things look desperate, we can always fight back. At the end of the 30th over they were 93 for 0, the break through wicket in the next over at 97 of R. Carlton on 47 by Sam Winter was to start the comeback. Watty took the next wicket of the other opener for Pool at 110 runs in the 36th over – Ollie Boggie (love that name) LBW for 48. Off 118 balls. With further heroics as detailed above, in the last over it really was #believewatty
8. CATCHES WIN MATCHES…no more really needs saying but when the only catch other than the 3 made by Rob ‘the wicket keeper’ Caddy was a juggle by Sam Dobson in the 41st over, you know you need to tighten up in the field! The word drop appeared far too many times in the comments!
9. I need to be more alert and not get distracted in the score box as I didn’t realise that Mr. Deighton had left the field at drinks in Pool’s innings! I also need to ensure our number 3 sticks to match winning routines on a Saturday morning!
So, onwards and upwards. Lara it’s up to you to inspire the boys back to winning ways next week at home against Upper Wharfedale!